Ecclesia Beate Luporum

We're all Equal in eyes of our Lady and Lord


At this time, Ecclesia Beate Luporum is accepting donations. Donations do not have to be monetary, they can be materials, land, vehicles, anything you'd like to donate. If you are interested in donating anything except money, please feel free to message us on for further information. Don't have facebook? You can e-mail us at [email protected] or you can even give us a call at 1-315-520-0667. The 501(c)3 status, is a tax exempt status that would allow you to write off any donation you make. 

~Blessed Be~

          Your donations will help Pagans and Wiccans get a place where they can freely and openly worship our Gods and Goddesses as our religion dictates. In the future, we're looking to building a community center for the peoples of the community(ies) that we have our church. We'd have an after school program for the children, to keep them out of gangs and other trouble and to keep/get them off drugs. But to make it to our ultimate goals, we need your help. 

          Each person that donates to the Church, would be helping the community. Once the church is successfully started in the Utica New York area, and is doing well. We'd look to plant a church in another area, giving another community a safe place to congregate at. It would not only be a religious place to gather, it would be a place anyone could come to "escape." Not only escape from things that would harm them, but escape the mundane tasks of every day life. We'd also host a summer program that would encourage the youth to further their education even when school is out. Please look deep into your heart, and help the community. Blessed Be.